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RESYK is a new collection of Sunglasses made entirely not just out of archive parts - but at E.Gucewicz we decided not only to upcycle my collosal archive of glasses parts.. I also with to repsychologicise your mind : This is more than a upcycled collection of expensive components, this is a glimpse of a place in our not too distant future- near the end of your life- where the world is a hard boiled finish of eggy sulfurous skies.

The UK is still feudal, France is on it's 17th republic and the American domination has finally sold out to a peaceful majority share takeover by the Pentagon (corporation) (Indian). Yes you are in the sticky seats of the future, not dissimilar to what you might remember from judge Dredd's megacity 1 with a spritz of LA back in the glory days when it had oxygen in the atmosphere.

Welcome to RESYK. A collection that reuses everything, even your soul.