Pron. “EE- GOOD-SAY-VITCH” *{ iː . gʊd seɪ vɪʧ } 

Edward Gucewicz Baillie specialises in Design and creative direction for eyewear and accessories.

I launched E.GUCEWICZ design in January 2019 after working over a decade in the eyewear and fashion accessories industry. The idea was to organise myself together with a team of hand picked associates into a freelance design and creative direction service for the eyewear industry - with a proviso that everything we do has an ecologically beneficial edge -

We have a prototyping lab and 3D printing facilities in the UK as well as a network of reliable and trustworthy production associates in Europe and Asia - and ethical sources for traditional and new types of eyewear frame material.

Whether you are a start up or established brand ; a producer or workshop ; or simply want to chat about design, collaborations or developments in new ecological materials - we always open to sharing - so please get in touch!

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If you are interested in learning more about how I work or previous projects, see my blog (learn more) or join our Instagram community (here) for real-time updates on what I’m up to.

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