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I started E.Gucewicz design studio early in 2019 after spending the previous 10 years working as a designer. I was working for myself as well as a freelancing in fashion and eyewear design. I'm still doing that work and in response to questions I often get about this work, I'll start to write about it.

But I’d like to try a different approach to how designers talk about their work. I’m going to avoid generic over-stylised advertising copy- As in my experience people are more interested if I share anecdotes of the happenings & difficulties that I have run into over the years across various projects.

E. Gucewicz

E. Gucewicz

My aim is to offer a deeper glimpse into how you can actually get projects started from an idea; what you can learn from my mistakes; how to design or build the object itself and finally how all this can all be turned into business.

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